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Club at 8 Northgate St, Unley Park.

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Stirling Silver Doubles will be held on

Sunday 7th April 2019 commencing at

10:30am. All members are eligible to

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2018/19 SAPL Mixed Doubles Championship


at: Adelaide Hills Petanque Club             28 Oct, 2018




Mixed Doubles Champions:      Wendy Bensen & Alexi Alexi


Runners-Up:                                     Jill Morrell & Quentin Jones


Semi-Finalists:                                Nazneen Saunders & Ray Drummond

Heather Davies & Peter Davies



Consolante Winners:                     Shelley Li & Adrian Clements

Consolante Runners-Up:             Judith Brown & Wayne Twigden


Conviviale Winners:                      Llianne Healey & Ashton Claridge

Conviviale Runners-Up:               Heike Whitehorn & John Whitehorn






2018/19 SAPL Mixed Doubles Championship


at: Adelaide Hills Petanque Club             28 Oct, 2018


This year’s Mixed Doubles Championship was played under ideal conditions – mild temperature, warm sun, no wind, no rain, no hail, no fog. The sort of weather one normally gets at Stirling when there isn’t a petanque tournament on.

As we’ve come to expect at this event, the atmosphere was extremely convivial and sociable – moreso than the other state championships. A bit less testosterone in the air, perhaps, because of the 50/50 gender balance.

The 2018/19 champions are the seasoned campaigners, Wendy Bensen & Alexi Alexi. In a dominant performance, they were the only team to get through the four qualifying games unscathed and went on to power their way through the finals. Wendy and Alexi were both already in the elite group to have won state titles in Singles, Triples and Open Doubles. They can now add the Mixed Doubles, in its third year, to that list.

The other stand-out team on the day, and eventual runner-up, was the local pairing of Jill Morrell & Quentin Jones. Starting with an awesome performance against a highly credentialled opponent in the first game, Jill and Quentin conceded a total of just four points in the three games before lunch. Then, in the afternoon, they backed that up with a hard fought win in the the semi to make their first appearance in a championship final.

Thanks to all who participated and to the crew from the Adelaide Hills club who helped ensure everything ran smoothly on the day.

SA State Interclub Competition

2018/19 Season






Round 2     at  GawlerPetanque Club       23 Sept, 2018



Perfect spring weather, some serious petanque and plenty of bonhomie were the rewards for a large turnout of competitors in Round 2. As usual, the Gawler club went all out to make it an excellent day, serving breakfast as well as lunch to the hungry petanquers.

Taking home the gold medals on this occasion were the Club d’Adelaide trio of Louis Oltarczy, Wayne Twigden & Alain Rousse, carrying on the excellent form they displayed last season. They got there via a thrilling one-point win in the fourth game against the internationally acclaimed girls from ESP, Deb Rodda, Selina Dally & Wendy Bensen, who went on to claim the silver.

In terms of the premiership contest, the points were shared between all seven clubs in attendance. At the top of the table, ESP and Adelaide moved further ahead of the rest of the field, but by the same amount. Thus, the former maintain the 27 point lead they took from Round 1.

The three clubs that were tied for third place after Round 1 have now been separated, following the same pecking order that has become somewhat familiar over recent seasons — Prospect hold third and are still within striking distance of the leaders, Adelaide Hills slot into their usual spot in fourth, and Gawler drop back to the pack in the fight for fifth. Novar Gardens, the biggest movers in this round, are now at the head of that pack. With a team finishing in fourth place, the Supernovars have shown that their heroics in the final round of last season were a sign of things to come and not just a flash in the pan.

Thanks to those who participated, and to the many helpers, who all made it such a successful day.



SA State Interclub Competition

 2018/19 Season


Round 2     at  GawlerPetanque Club       23 Sept, 2018

Club Ch’ship points
1st Louis Oltarczy, Wayne Twigden & Alain Rousse CPA 30 5
2nd Selina Dally, Deb Rodda & Wendy Bensen ESP 24 4
3rd Heike Whitehorn, John Whitehorn & Allan Sanderson PP 21 4
4th Jonathan Giddings, Janice Bendall & Kenny May NGP 18 3
5th Dave Ward, Lionel Pujol & Tory McBride ESP 15 3
6th Robin Austin, Anthony Pietsch & Naz Saunders AHP/ESP 10/(5) 4
7th Marilyn Trebilcock, Dave Watson & Steve Cadman PP 12 3
8th Greg Anderson, Jill Morrell & Deb Coleman AHP 12 3
9th Adrian Clements, Shelley Li & Claire Rex CPA 9 2
10th Janet Jenkin, Michael Frodyma & Martin Verdonk PP (9) 3
11th Mike Read, Ross Coleman & Quentin Jones AHP (6) 2
12th Susan Krieg, Ken Medhurst & Axel Monneron FAB 6 2
13th Melissa Scott,Gavin Scott & Brett Williams PP (3) 2
14th Glenis Head, Mark Reardon & John Gejas GP 3 3
15th Jean May, Sue Matthews & Peter Johnston NGP 2
16th Clive Paine, Miriam Peik & Julie Sandercock NGP 2
17th Sandy Tilburgs, Dee Greenslade& Garry Karklins ESP 1
18th Rada Pierre & Dominique Pierre CPA 1
19th Rod Sandercock, Peter Matthews & Marilynn Paine NGP 1
20th Stan Wilson, Roland Pye & Dave McKinnon GP 0



CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS   Round 2 Season Total
  Eastern Suburbs (ESP) 39 90
  Adelaide (CPA) 39 63
  Prospect (PP) 33 54
  Adelaide Hills (AHP) 22 43
  Novar Gardens (NGP) 18 27
  Gawler (GP)   3 24
  Feral Aussie Boulistes (FAB)   6 24
  Port Noarlunga (PNP)   –   0