Round 2 at Club de Pétanque d’Adelaide 27 Sept, 2020

SA State Interclub Competition
2020/21 Season

Round 2 at Club de Pétanque d’Adelaide 27 Sept, 2020

The SA Interclub competition has been leading a charmed life this season, when it comes to the
weather. For Round 2, we were very fortunate to strike the one window of fine and mild weather
in the middle of an extended wet spell. Things could have got awkward with so many players to
accommodate under COVID-Safe requirements, with limited shelter available. Instead, it turned
into another near-perfect day.
Participant numbers did not quite match the high reached in July, but the notable thing on this
occasion was that 19 of the 30 triples teams had also competed in the previous round with
exactly the same line-up. Team compositions have usually been more fluid in the past. (Less
people going away this year, perhaps?) Given also that it’s just a few years ago we were
struggling to even get 19 teams or more, this is undoubtedly a record.
As in Round 1, the day’s honours went to the Eastern Suburbs club. For the second time in a row,
the gold medals went to Alexi Alexi, Arwed Turon & Maurice Belz and they can now go into
Round 3 gunning for a ‘threepeat’. It is eight years since anyone has achieved a threepeat. (The
last time it happened, there were some familiar names amongst the culprits – Alexi and Arwed,
at that time playing with George Lainas). The silver medallists were Rada Pierre, Alain Rousse &
Dominique Pierre, while Tory McBride, Ray Drummond & Lionel Pujol took the bronze.
Another big points haul puts ESP in a formidable position already at this early stage of the
season. Also faring well in Round 2 was Club d’Adelaide, with three teams in the top six. The
resultant points were enough to lift them into second on the ladder, with a bit of a buffer ahead
of Adelaide Hills.
The other big mover was FAB. After a disappointing Round 1, the four FAB teams this time all
finished in the top half, with good points for 5th and 7th. They are now tied with Novar Gardens in
fifth position, just three points behind Prospect.
Thanks to the Adelaide club for hosting – you did a great job and the new awnings look fantastic.


Eastern Suburbs (ESP) 51 105
Adelaide (CPA) 42 72
Adelaide Hills (AHP) 15 51
Prospect (PP) 15 39
Novar Gardens (NGP) 15 36
Feral Aussie Boulistes (FAB) 33 36
Gawler (GP) 0 3
Port Noarlunga (PNP)


Team Club Ch’ship points Games
1st Alexi Alexi, Maurice Belz & Arwed Turon ESP 30 5
2nd Rada Pierre, Dominique Pierre & Alain Rousse CPA 24 4
3rd Tory McBride, Lionel Pujol & Ray Drummond ESP 21 4
4th Louis Oltarczy, Jean-Paul Bouyer & Tina Stockley CPA 18 5
5th Penny Lyons, Steve Hambour & Terry Hall FAB 18 3
6th Jenny Key, Claire Rex & Judith Brown CPA (15) 5
7th Susan Krieg, Rae Grierson & Ken Medhurst FAB 15 3
8th Selina Dally, Deb Rodda & Wendy Bensen ESP (12) 4
9th Jonathan Giddings, Jean-Luc Gonnet & Bruce Lucas NGP 12 3
10th Axel Monneron, John Nowland & Paula Puleston FAB (9) 3
11th Greg Anderson, Ross Coleman & Quentin Jones AHP 9 2
12th Brett Williams, David Jones & Martin Verdonk PP 9 3
13th Annie Hambour, Carol Ward & Lance Campbell FAB (6) 3
14th Heike Whitehorn, Marilyn Trebilcock, Allan Sanderson PP 6 3
15th Brian Tuckfield, Ralph Foster & Anthony Pietsch AHP 6 2
16th Sandy Tilburgs, Dee Greenslade & Nathan James ESP (6) 2
17th Kenny May, Jean May & Kendy Attenborough NGP 3 2
18th Llianne Healey, Deb Coleman & Peter Davies AHP (3) 3
19th Roland Peik, Miriam Peik & Iliano Puccini NGP (3) 2
20th Rod Sandercock, Julie Sandercock & Lesley Davis NGP (3) 3
21st Anna Phillips, Richard Huntley & Kym Wilson PP 1
22nd Mike Read, Ashton Claridge & Mal Bedson AHP 2
23rd Anna O’Connor, Kathy Gepp & John Hanlon ESP 1
24th Anne Lucas, Kel Waters & Deric Oehlers NGP 1
25th Neil Maslin, Rob Mawson & Robin Austin AHP 1
26th Glenis Head, David Willis & Colin Hill GP 2
27th Stan Wilson, Mark Reardon & Helen Hill GP 1
28th Ernie Palmer, Wayne Twigden & Adrian Clements CPA 1
29th Richard Arbery, Ken Hull & Jill Morrell AHP 1
30th Steve Cadman, Dave Watson & Richard Voskamp PP 0


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