SA State Interclub Competition 2019/20

Round 2 at Novar Gardens Petanque Club – 22 Sept, 2019

The renaissance of SA pétanque continued in Round 2 with a population explosion. Undeterred by the threat of showers (which fortunately stayed away for the most part), a staggering turn-out of 87 players took to the pistes at Novar Gardens. That’s 15 more than in Round 1, which in turn had the most we’d seen for over a decade.

Five different clubs were represented in the top five positions, but the winning team was the highly-credentialled and experienced trio of Selina Dally, Wendy Bensen & Maurice Belz, from ESP. No surprises there. However, also on the podium were some of the newer entrants to the field and potential stars of the future. In second place, and all taking home their first League medal, were Mike Read, Ashton Claridge & Mal Bedson from the Adelaide Hills club. Bronze went to the Novar Gardens team of Jonathan Giddings, Bruce Lucas & Jean-Luc Gonnet, with Bruce also registering a personal best. Congratulations and well done to all.

This was one of those rounds where the pattern of results did not fit what we would normally expect. In particular, we had a very unusual situation in Pool A where five of the fourteen teams won all three of their preliminary games, with only one of the others winning more than one. This created a few apparent anomalies in the final rankings, such as one team that won all five of their games but couldn’t climb up to a medal-winning position because their morning points tally was ‘only’ +19.

In terms of the championship, the lesson was that there’s safety in numbers. Despite the fact that each club can only claim the points from their two best-placed teams, it was the three clubs with five or more teams that picked up the biggest hauls ‒ Eastern Suburbs cemented their place at the top of the table, while Adelaide Hills and Novar Gardens were the big movers. The latter two have climbed up into third and fourth place, respectively, at the expense of FAB and Gawler, while Adelaide (2nd), Prospect (6th) and Port Noarlunga (8th) all maintained their first-round positions.

Thanks to the well-organised Novar Gardens crew for hosting the day.

Congratulations to Mike Read, Ashton Claridge and Mal Bedson, silver medallists.

Club Ch’ship points
1st Wendy Bensen, Selina Dally & Maurice Belz ESP 30 5
2nd Mike Read, Ashton Claridge & Mal Bedson AHP 24 4
3rd Jonathan Giddings, Bruce Lucas & Jean-Luc Gonnet NGP 21 4
4th Dominique Pierre, Rada Pierre & Alain Rousse CPA 18 5
5th Janet Jenkin, Michael Frodyma & Grant Ashmeade PP 18 4
6th John Hanlon, Marc Lionnet & Thomas Gillmeister ESP 15 4
7th Deric Oehlers, Barry Rodgers & David Howard NGP 15 3
8th Greg Anderson, Ross Coleman & Quentin Jones AHP 12 4
9th Tina Stockley, Louis Oltarczy & Adrian Clements CPA 12 4
10th Terry Hall, Steve Hambour & Penny Lyons FAB 9 3
11th Wayne Twigden, Shelley Li & Ernie Palmer CPA (9) 2
12th Tory McBride, Lionel Pujol & Dave Ward ESP (9) 3
13th Brian Tuckfield, Ralph Foster & Anthony Pietsch AHP (6) 2
14th Heike Whitehorn, John Whitehorn & Allan Sanderson PP 6 3
15th Stan Wilson, Glenis Head & Dave Willis GP 6 2
16th Deb Rodda, Ray Drummond & Nathan James ESP (6) 3
17th Marilynn Paine, Julie Sandercock & Janice Bendall NGP (3) 3
18th Roland Peik, Miriam Peik & Iliano Puccini NGP (3) 3
19th Anna Phillips, Richard Huntley & Kym Wilson PP (3) 2
20th Sandy Tilburgs, Dee Greenslade & Kathy Gepp ESP (3) 3
21st Denise Steinborn, Ross Williams & Richard Voskamp PP 1
22nd Pete Davies, Heather Davies & Sara McCallum AHP 2
23rd Annie Hambour, Carol Ward & John Wilson-Smith FAB 1
24th Llianne Healey, Neil Maslin & Deb Coleman AHP 1
25th Susan Krieg, Ken Medhurst & Rae Grierson FAB 0
26th Bob Mudge, Graeme Dandy & Glenda Dandy NGP 1
27th Sue Matthews, Peter Matthews & Jean May NGP 1
28th Robyn Schultz, Greg Schultz & Clive Paine NGP 0
29th Raymond Beaumont, Bill Pillmore & Will Swart