SA State Interclub Competition 2019/20

Round 2 at Novar Gardens Petanque Club – 22 Sept, 2019

The renaissance of SA pétanque continued in Round 2 with a population explosion. Undeterred by the threat of showers (which fortunately stayed away for the most part), a staggering turn-out of 87 players took to the pistes at Novar Gardens. Read More →


SA State Interclub Competition 2018/19 Season

Round 2  at Gawler Petanque Club 23 Sept, 2018

Perfect spring weather, some serious petanque and plenty of bonhomie were the rewards for a large turnout of competitors in Round 2. As usual, the Gawler club went all out to make it an excellent day, serving breakfast as well as lunch to the hungry petanquers.

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